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Trime E1200E LED Electric Light Tower

Original price $7,005.00 - Original price $7,005.00
Original price
$7,005.00 - $7,005.00
Current price $7,005.00

Silent - Regular Plug - Easy to Wheel Around, can fit in a doorway.

The EL1200E electric tower is a more compact version of the Eco-Chain. It is constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel with industrial powder-coated paint inside and out and can roll through a standard 80″ doorway. It can be used inside or out with any generator, electrical source or land power! No fuel cost, no carbon emission, no maintenance, no noise emissions!

This tower boasts 4 high efficiency LED heads equaling 1280W with a 7-year warranty and illuminates a 48,000 sq ft area.

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